Star Wars: Outcasts

First Steps into a larger world

The story so far

It is a quiet time in the galaxy, in the aftermath of the Clone Wars the Empire has been consolidating power and establishing control. Lord Vader and Sith inquisitors continue to seek out the tattered remnants of the Jedi order, and a system of planetary governors has been put in place.

On Rhosiqol the governor has ceded mining rights to the Imperial Mining Corporation, and allowed the construction of a garrison. This has caused some unrest, particularly among the miners of the Rhosiqol Mining Guild. Imperial regulation and an Imperial stranglehold on shipping and transport has made it very difficult for independent operations. Most miners have gone to work for IMC, despite poorer working conditions and less pay. A bad job is better than no job, to many. IMCs regulations have created opportunities in the field of smuggling, however, and the planet is becoming a haven for criminal activity, despite the efforts of garrison commander Kir Kassal.


CmdrPulsar CmdrPulsar

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